It’s time to ditch 
team-wide emails.

The simplest way to post big or small news across your team.

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A home for your most important updates.

Keep your team in-the-know with new hire announcements, birthdays, quarterly goals, weekly updates and more. Post is a singular space for your team to share news and connect.

“Since we’re working towards one big end goal, it helps us learn what everyone is working on and what they’re doing.”

Kiah B
Facilities and Operations Manager
Collaborate with easy commenting and threads.

An organized space for your team

Skip searching through old emails or message threads. Organize your posts with groups and tags, and quickly find past updates and news with powerful search tools.

“Post is definitely helping us by making information more searchable, more visible, and sort of empowering decision making.”

CTO at Hallo
Store Gdocs, Gsheets and more into your posts.

Keep your remote team engaged.

Designed for distributed teams who work across time zones, Post helps you stay focused by minimizing emails, messages, and notifications. Seamlessly collaborate with replies and likes, and know who’s in-the-loop with read receipts.

“Post has helped us collaborate remotely, and foster a real sense of community with updates that celebrate our team’s achievements and news.”

Head of Content at Expa

"As a company grows, it faces big challenges in communication. Many decisions are made, people move across teams, people collaborate with new employees. I use Post to share weekly snippets, for product specs and research, and for keeping tabs on things I’m learning.”

Naveen S
Post Advisor
Post helps your team

Share news

organize updates

stay aligned remotely