Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Post.

What is Post?
Post is a simple, streamlined way to share important news with your team. Designed as a tool to minimize mass team messages and reply-all emails, Post is a better way to communicate remotely. 

What’s the best way to use Post?
Post works best together. Make the most out of using Post by inviting your team to join you. Create a post to welcome everyone to your organization, share updates, and collaborate remotely.

What should I share on Post?
You can share anything you like! Post works great for new hire announcements, quarterly goals, birthdays, weekly updates, and more. Really, anything that you want your team to know. You can share posts with your entire team, or with just specific people.

How does Post work for remote teams?
Post is designed for remote teams to share news and collaborate, no matter the time zone. Post keeps your team connected, engaged, and in-the-know. Share your feedback on news remotely through threaded comments, support with likes, and monitor engagement with views.

How do I share a Post with my team?
You can share a post by clicking the three little dots on your post. Then, you can create a shareable link. You can also invite your team to join you on Post by clicking the Invite button in the top right corner.

Is Post free?
Post is 100% free to use. 

Can I use Post on my mobile phone?
Yes! You can download the Post iOS app here. While we don't have an Android app yet, you can stay in the loop of any future developments by following us on Twitter @postdotco.

I have feedback or questions. How do I get in touch?
You can reach out to us at with any questions, comments, or feedback. You can also tweet us your thoughts @postdotco. We’d love to hear from you!

Who built Post?
Post was built remotely by an Expa team.